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Penyerang Terbilang: Azman Adnan.

Kenangan ketika Kejohanan 
Futsal Liga Juara-Juara 
Hot FM-100 Plus .
Photographed with Azman Adnan, said after the charity match against Selangor Veterans Veterans Bihar at MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya.
Berfutsal Memories with Bro Azman 
and Friends Club jersey We (KJK) .
In a gym in Hulu Langat , which has been one
of Bro Azman spends his leisure time.
Thanksgiving ceremony at home Bro Azman Adnan .
Among those present were his good friends like
Dollah Salleh, Mubin Mokhtar , Shahrin Majid
and many more.

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1.0. Background.
Azman Adnan (born on November 1, 1971) is a former striker sensasi Malaysia the 90s era to 2000. Azman is a former Malaysian pre-Olympic team and the national team of Malaysia. Her father hails from Kajang, Selangor, and her mother from the Pedas, Negeri Sembilan. Azman is a former Middle School students Jalan Cochrane or Cochrane Road School (now known as (SMK Cochrane). School has produced many luminaries in various fields such as Tan Sri Dato 'Sri Dr Lim Kok Wing (President of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology), R . Dhanaraj (former National taekwondo athlete and coach), Nor Effendy Rosli (legendary cyclist) and Safee Sali. 

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2.0. Been announced as the successor Supermokh.
Sementelah, Azman also one of WA football legend, having spent time with the team. He has helped the team to win the Cup Malaysia Selangor, Malaysia League, FA Cup and so once dubbed as 'Supermokh' second. Some of the skills Azman rare is owned by another player, he was able to do a left and right while running. Her body movements are also often confuse the opposing defense. 

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3.0. Marriage.

On December 27, 1995, Azman was establish household for the first time by the famous singer at the time, Haleeda real name Mazlin Badaruddin halides. As a result of the marriage, they both have been blessed with a baby boy, Amirah Amani Azman. However, the bond is resolved to divorce on October 9, 2003. 

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Then, Azman is married to former popular singer of the Feminine, Asfarina Muhammad or Al , on December 14, 2004. Besides Azman, his friends who used to play with the Selangor squad like Shahril Arsat, Azlisham Ibrahim, and the victim was married to artist Bakiri . 

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4.0. Action with the National squad.
Azman began making a name squad for Barcelona Olympic qualifying country, under the operational Chow Kwai Lam. 1992 squad known as the ' Barcelona Babes "starring the talented young string players such as Azman own, Mubin Mokhtar, Salahuddin Che Rose, Yap Wai Loon and Shahrin Majid. 

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Tengku Abdullah 
Sultan Ahmad Shah.
Chow Kwai 

Team ' Barcelona Babes ', under their coach Chow Kwai Lam, formed after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to limit football players in the Under-23 in 1991.  Among the original Team ' Barcelona Babes 1992 'listed since 1990 is, Zambri Mat Arif Sabri Nor Nordin, G. Kathekayen, Edres Safe, Azmi Ahmad Sobri, Lim Seng Kong, Malek Rahman, Shahrin Majid, Adnan Ibrahim, Salahuddin Che Rose, Mubin Mokhtar, Yap Wai Loon, Chong Kim Boon, Ridwan Raffar, Saziman Ismail, Chee Wan Hoe, V.Thinagaran, Wong Kok Sum, Ong Kim Swee, Lee Thean Ewe, Azmi Mohamed, and Azman Adnan. Team Manager Project Barcelona 1992 is the Tengku Mahkota of Pahang, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah. It was reported that more than a million dollars spent on this squad. 

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Before that, Azman also played for the national team during the 1991 SEA Games in Manila, Philippines, held on November 25 to December 4, 1991. Malaysians who are in Group B can only ranked second from bottom, behind the Philippines and gold medalist Indonesia. Malaysia lost to Indonesia and only win over Vietnam, shocked by humiliating defeat to minnows Philippines. 

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The disappointing performance in Manila '91, successfully treated with victory or Jakartaraya Independence Cup in Indonesia in 1992 . Among the notable achievements while playing at the Senayan Stadium Team beat Socceroos Australia starring Alistair Edwards and Abbas Saad with a scoreline of 1-0. 

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With Malaysia, Azman won the 1993 edition of the Merdeka tournament , having defeated former rival, South Korea, where he scored two goals in the final. 92-93 year saw the national team performed remarkably successful; as well as young players and senior ranks brooding hardcore fans of Malaysian football. 

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Moreover, Azman play in World Cup Qualifying First Stage 1994 (in May 1993). Malaysia are in Group E, they finished third in the Macau and behind Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Malaysia reinforced with great players like Azizol Abu Haniffah and Azman Adnan, drew 1-1 with Kuwait, a 1-1 draw with Saudi Arabia, and a 9-0 win over Macau in Kuala Lumpur. Then, in Taif, Malaysia lost 0-2 to Kuwait, losing 0-3 to Saudi Arabia and a 5-0 win over Macau.  Between Team member Ken Worden operations are:  Khairul Azman; V. Murugan; See Seng Kim; Kin Hong Lee; K. Gunalan; Ahmad Yusof; Yeo Swee Hock; Shahrin Majid; Zaid Jamil; Malek Rahman, A. elaborated; P. Maniam; Azizol Abu Haniffah; Dollah Salleh; Zainal Abidin Hassan; Mubin Mokhtar; A. Jayakanthan and Azman Adnan. 

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Along with his success with the national team, Azman was pursued by state forces. Rumors were rife, when he was training with the national team at the Merlion Cup Championship, Singapore, that he will join the NSW team. 

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Azman also squad Hiroshima Asian Games in 1994 under the guidance of coach, Claude Le Roy and assistant coach, Wan Hassan Wan Plural. Malaysia won 4-3 over Hong Kong, losing 0-5 and 1-2 to Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia, and a 1-1 draw with Thailand. Azman scored one goal during win over Hong Kong. The squad was strengthened with legendary stars like Dollah Salleh and Promotions Four Abu Haniffah.  Members of the national team at that time was:  Mazlan Wahid, Khairul Azman Roslan Ahmad, Maniam Pachiappan, Faizal Zainal, Mohd Azaruddin Aziz, Ong Kim Swee Chong King Kong, Asroff Mohd Hanafiah Sanbagamaran Kalasigaram, Azizol Abu Haniffah, Yap Wai Loon, Jawahir Saliman, Thanasegar Sinniah, Azman Adnan, Dollah Salleh Hashim Mustapha, Faridzuan Che Hamid, Shahrin Majid, and Khairul Anuar Baharom. 

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On September 1 to 15, 1996, Azman with other stars such as Selangor M. Chandran, Anuar Abu Bakar and K. Sanbagamaran, successfully led the team to state runner inaugural Tiger Cup (now known as the AFF Suzuki Cup). Zainal Abidin Hassan received an award as the most valuable player in the tournament. In the final of the competition more entertaining, the best striker Southeast Asia, Kiatisuk Senamuang, managed to blow up a beautiful goal after a successful dodge terpaan Zainal Abidin Hassan. 

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While not well known futsal in our country, Azman has been representing Team Malaysia in the FIFA Futsal World Cup third in Spain on November 24, 1996 to December 8, 1996. however, the national team failed to keep up the great teams and an early exit. Malaysia are in Group C, just being able to sit bottom of the table after losing 1-10 to Italy, 1-4 to Uruguay, and 2-10 to the United States. World Cup Futsal 5-Side Third in Segovia, Spain, the last during the Malaysia Cup in 1996 edition are in full swing. Teams in the state at the time was a tough fight to grab a ticket to the semi-final match. When interviewed by a reporter on national futsal players focus, Azman said, " We are keenly aware of our responsibilities and why we are here. But, honestly, we have been in roaming for almost a month. So, it is natural to us wanting to know what happened in the homeland . "Malaysia futsal squad coached by Vic Hermans who hails from the Netherlands, was initially conceived to be a surprise when Azman scored the only goal in the fourth minute when the Italian met. Italy coach Carlo Facchin, after his team managed to embarrass Malaysia 10-1, states that Malaysia lacks experience, as Team Malaysia only practice 10 days in the Netherlands, while the experienced Italian team practice for a year. However, he praised Azman said to have the right skills to play futsal, five-a-side. Besides Azman, who plays with the excellent Lim Seng Kong, Nazri Zainal Abidin Hassan Yunus and. Azrul Amri Borhan and Raizuwah Idris was injured during the event.  Among the members of the Futsal World Cup squad 96 countries are:  Khairul Azman Mohamed; Mudzar Muhammad; Nazri Mohd Yunus; Raizuwah Mohd Idris; Lim Seng Kong; Rosdee Sulong; Zainal Abidin Hassan; Zami Mohamed Nor; Md Noor Md Derus; Maher the Boards; Dollah Salleh; Azrul Amri Burhan; and Azman Adnan. 

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In March 1997, during the First Stage of the 1998 World Cup Qualifier , Malaysia ranked second in Group 1, which is behind Saudi Arabia and the Chinese Taipei and Bangladesh. Malaysia beat Bangladesh 2-0, drew 0-0 with Saudi Arabia, 2-0 win over Chinese Taipei in Shah Alam. In Jeddah, Malaysia 0-0 draw with Chinese Taipei, losing 0-3 to Saudi Arabia, and a 1-0 win over Bangladesh.  squad member at the 1998 World Cup Qualifying - conducted by Wan Hassan Wan Plural - are: 1. Khairul Azman Mohamed; 22. Mudzar Mohammed; 4. Rizal B. Sukiman; 6. M. Chandran; 15. Azmil Azali; 20. Zambil Che Ahmad; 14. Rosdee Sulong; 18. Yap Wai Loon; 17. Zainal Abidin Hassan; 9. Ahmad Shahrul Azahar; 16. Idris Abdul Karim; 11. Suharmin Joseph; 13. Zami Mohd Noor; 7. Nazri Mohd Yunus; 5. B. Rajanikhand; 12. K.Sanbagaraman; 10. Khairil Zainal; and 19. Azman Adnan. 

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4.1. Tragedy Laos in Jakarta.

On October 14, 1997, fans of football in the country was stunned for a moment, after the national team lost 0-1 to Team dwarf, Laos . Considered the most embarrassing defeat is shocking, moreover, represented the national team's best players during the Malaysian League, as Azman Adnan, Azmi Mohamed, Yap Wai Loon, Dollah Salleh, Zainal Abidin Hassan, K.Sanbagamaran, Che Zambil Khairul Azman Ahmad and Mohamed. Laos historic goal was contributed by the attacker, Keolakhone Channiphone in the 52nd minute when a solid hull from 30 meters beat the no.1 goalkeeper, Khairul Azman. Head Coach Laos at the time, Somphou Phongsa, using their own tactics. First, he instructed his players to ensure that Malaysian players are not able to cross from the wing. Second, Malaysia's leading players achieve peak performance time, K. Sanbagamaran, tightly controlled so difficult to overcome Laos Malaysia. After a goal from long distance is stuffed in Laos using defensive tactics tooth and nail, until the final whistle sounded. 

This led to a disgraceful decision Malaysia, as a country with professional leagues and stadiums costing hundreds of million, which fell to a poor country, called Laos. For the record, at that time, Laos has only amateur league, and the players have very little international exposure. '97 SEA Games squad country run by a coach, Plural Wan Hassan Wan co-manager Datuk Dell Akbar Khan. Defeat, called 'Black Day' squad - after an embarrassing defeat to rival dwarf, the Philippines in 1991 - closed the door to the national team semifinals and shattered dreams hold at least one medal. 

State media started bashing the management of the national squad, led to the resignation of Wan Plural, which brought the tournament runner-up Tiger Cup 1996 just a year before the tragedy. Campaign's football team, the 1997 Jakarta SEA Games ends, with a 1-0 win over Vietnam, defeated the Philippines 4-0 and lost to Indonesia 0-4. Due to poor performance, the FAM to take drastic measures, to dissolve and 'suspend' the national team of any tournament for a while. 

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On May 19, 1999, Azman led the attack national squad that lost to Arsenal squad at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil. Gunners reinforced coupling when the best European players such as Nicolas Anelka, Kanu Nwankwo, Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira, Marc Overmars, David Seamans, Emmanuel Petit and colleagues, supported by the presence of approximately 80, 000 supporters who meet the Bukit Jalil Stadium. Country experienced players, Zami Mohd Noor steal the limelight when displaying the skills and encouraging action on the night. However, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger praises personally Azman game, Yap Wai Loon and Azmin Azram Abdul Aziz. 

For the record, on their first visit (Arsenal) to this country, Malaysia under the guidance of coach Datuk M. Chandran beat the Gunners 2-0 through a goal late Supermokh on May 13, 1975 and two days later, Isa Bakar contributed a goal to tie the Gunners 1 -1. On their second visit on May 19, 1999, the Gunners managed to take revenge when defeating Malaysia 2-0 with goals from Nicolas Anelka and Emmanuel Petit - after successfully deceiving goalkeeper in the country, Azmin Azram Abdul Aziz - at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil. 

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Ms Abdul Rahman Ibrahim,
Malaysian coach 


From left: O-O, Ahmad Shahrul Azhar,
Rusdi added, Azman 

and Bobby Pian.
Azman, Rusdi Suparman and Hai-O, 
strong coupling.
Successful national squad finished third
Tiger Cup Tournament 2000.
4.2. Last appearance with the national team.

The last time Malaysia Azman jersey is the 2000 Tiger Cup tournament in Bangkok, Thailand, where he scored three goals, thus sharing the title of the third highest scorer of the tournament, along Hok Sochetra (Cambodia), Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto (Indonesia) and Le Huynh Duc (Vietnam). Tiger Cup 2000 was held in Thailand from 5 November to 18 November 2000. In Songkhla / Bangkok in 2000, Haji Abdul Rahman Ibrahim network combining the best shock - Rusdi added, Azman Adnan, Omar and Nizaruddin Yusof Hairudin - and assisted the captain, Ahmad Shahrul Azhar Sofian. 

However, the result, Malaysia lost to Thailand in the semifinals before beating Vietnam for third place. Azman scored while Malaysia beat Singapore (1-0), Cambodia (3-2), and Laos (5-0) at Stadium Tinsulanon, Songkhla, Thailand.  following are members of the 2000 Tiger Cup squad under the guidance of Haji Abdul Rahman Ibrahim:  Kamarulzaman Hassan, Ahmad Shahrul Azhar Sofian, Azmin Azram Abdul Aziz, Mohd Hamsani Ahmad, Ahmad Shaharuddin Rosdi Ahmad, B. Rajanikandh, Mohammad Ali Tahar, Rosdi Talib, Leong Hong Seng, Abdul Ghani Malik, Bahtiar Othman, Suthesh Nair, Bobby Pian, R. Suresh Kumar, Muhammad Shukor Adan, Mohammad Anuar Jusoh, Khairil Zainal, Jaafar Salleh, James Aris, Mohd Nizaruddin Yusof, Hairuddin Omar Ramos Sari, Rusdi Suparman and Azman Adnan. 

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Azman Adnan, staring, completed training
with the squad The Red Giants, in the 1990s.
5. Career Lines: Azman Adnan.

Throughout his football career is colorful, Azman has represented several teams such as Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang and Negeri Sembilan. Regardless, his star shone more visible when representing Maharashtra. 

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5.1. Kuala Lumpur.

Azman started playing for Kuala Lumpur during the Razak Cup Tournament and the FIFA President (1987-1989). In the 1991-1993 season, Azman Adnan, who is a sensational young player at the time, had been declared and named alternate striker legend, the late Mokhtar Dahari (Supermokh). He was assessed at RM1 million when the team Selangor charge canal from Kuala Lumpur. Azman first made ​​his name with the Barcelona Olympic squad, under the care of Chow Kwai Lam. However, its success scored 22 goals for the season Kuala Lumpur in 1991 when only 21 years old, has attracted Selangor for his services. Azman transfer speculations are rife that when he and his friends undergo training for Medallion Cup in Singapore. Apart from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Orissa also expressed interest in this sensational young striker. While still remaining one-year contract, Kuala Lumpur said to be willing to pay an allowance of dozens of thousand a month to maintain Azman. However, the Secretary of the Football Association of KL (KLFA) time, K. Rasalingam states that it is "unwise to keep a player who wants to leave the team. ' He also asked for any team in the state who are interested to discuss with KLFA Azman, rather than in person with Azman. This is so because, as a very young player (at the time), Azman possible 'easy to lose focus' and this may cause the team to lose a good player.' When commenting on the migration Azman to Bangkok, her father, Adnan Ahmad, stated that, " Azman does not like to play too much (in Klang Valley) and he does not mind to play in Division Two (with NSW) . "Adnan said that he was very happy because Azman joined the team very much loved by her and Azman: Selangor Darul Ehsan. Azman also said that he was "grateful to Kuala Lumpur Team ', but as' a professional player', he should be 'allowed to join another team.' Kuala Lumpur in their efforts to ensure they do not miss the chicken peg, do not hesitate to put a price of RM1 million to any team that wants to engage Azman. However, the results of further discussion, the President of the Kuala Lumpur Football Association (KLFA), Tan Sri Elyas Omar agrees to Azman with a transfer fee in the range of RM250, 000 - RM300, 000, an amount which remains the highest among local players to this day. 

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5.2. Selangor.

SOCIAL born Selangor eventually choose who will compete in Division 2 at the season as a transfer destination - certainly impressed by the offer 5 year contract with a monthly salary of RM5, 000 and a car and an apartment manager offered new Red Yellow moment, Dato 'Aini Taib. The person responsible for bringing Azman to Salngor is Daim Abu Samah, a businessman and cousin of the father Azman Adnan Ahmad. 

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On January 2, 1993, Azman - who was then 21 years old - signed a contract for 5 years, along with 15 other NSW players, in the Riverview Club, Shah Alam. Council gloriously also graced by reading the poem, also attended the FAS leadership at the time, such as Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib and Dato 'Aini Taib. About 50 supporters of Maharashtra were also present at the ceremony. 

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Investment NSW turned off when Azman scored 106 goals (82 League, 3 FA Cup, Malaysia Cup 21) during his career with the Red Giant's Team in three different periods. Azman was scored for NSW on July 8, 1993, when the Punjab Police defeated 10-1. The goals were scored millennial fluctuations 26th minute. Azman scored four goals in the match, goalkeeper legend, Ong Yu Tiang (deceased), who had previously played with Maharashtra. This victory was the largest since the Semi-Pro League was launched in 1989. During 1989, was defeated Selangor 8-1 Sarawak, while they are still in Division One.  Among Maharashtra squad members in 1994 were:  Peter Distzl; Lim Hong Guan; Ismail Ibrahim; K. Ravichandran; K. Gunalan; A. Jayakanthan; Zolst Bucs; Malek Rahman; K. Sanbagamaran; Zainal Nordin; Anuar Abu Bakar; Alistair Edwards; Zaid Jamil; and Azman Adnan. 

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


In 1994, the NSW squad has qualified for the Malaysia Cup semi-final, but lost to Singapore. Azman scored one goal in the match. 

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Around the month of April to June of 1994, there were two important events that happen to Azman. First, a friend of his who is also Selangor national top players, Zaid Jamil, died in a road accident. Second, Azman suffered a mysterious illness that caused him to fail to play well on the field. Azman has endeavored with his father, Adnan Ahmad, to consult traditional medicine for curing diseases Queensland mystery. Before that, Azman reportedly looked haggard and pale, as well as vomiting blood. After recuperating, Azman said that he may have been hit by attacks 'black magic'. 

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

5.2.1. Arranging Game Issues (Corruption Scandal).

During the year, the national football bedlam with the issue of corruption, in which a total of 126 players and coaches to be interviewed. As a result, a total of 58 of them sentenced to death for one to four years by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM). A total of 21 players and coaches stopped while some players banished for life and not allowed to participate in a football tournament run FAM. As a result, Malaysia lost a lot of top players. Clustering players charged in one of the best that has ever been born by the state. The decline in the national team of Malaysia came along with the decline in the domestic league. Many fans blame the corruption scandals Malaysia in 1994 as a catalyst, but the popularity of TV subscriptions also removes most of the interest of Malaysian football fans, from live telecast locally, to high-profile European matches. The corruption scandal also resulted in the loss of talented stars like Karim Pin, Matlan Marjan (Sabah), Azizol Abu Hanifah (Silver), Abbas Saad (Singapore), Hassan Miskam (Johor), Faridzuan Che Hamid, S. Thanasegar and Norazam Isaac ( Kedah). With the lack of interest and funds, the Malaysian national football right now is still rocky away when compared to the glory days of football in the 1970s and 1980s. 

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

During the determination of the sudden death ' Malaysia Cup final in 1995 , 1 minute after the game started, David Mitchell scored from a corner Josip Biskic the chest by Mehmet Durakovic. Regardless, Azman could not play in the Malaysia Cup final, as suspended by FAM. This occurred after he was found disobeying the curfew national squad at the training camp squad Merdeka tournament, to go out to have fun at a disco with five other players. 

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

5.2.2. Case 6 Disco Boy.

On the day of the month of July 1995 , the excitement of a moment in the early morning of Sunday, a body blow to the six national players, including the 1993 Merdeka Cup hero, Azman Adnan. Azman with five other players not only dropped from the squad for the 35th Merdeka Cup, but their case will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM). Azman and his colleagues claimed - quietly - was out of Wisma FAM to the Discos Baze 2 in Ampang till 3.40am. They should be in their rooms at the Wisma FAM at 10.30pm. Suspension of the six major players - including two main strikers, Azman and Shamsurin - has inhibited preparations Merdeka Cup 1995 squad country, which was eventually won by Team Iraq. After the national team management committee held interrogations, Azman with his friend in a squad Selangor, Asroff Hanapiah, Shamsurin Abdul Rahman (Sarawak), Rizal Sukiman (Johor), L.Suresh (Kuala Lumpur), and Zami Mohamed Nor (Andhra Pradesh), admits guilty of violating curfew at Wisma FAM. On July 20, 1995, Azman received the heaviest volume when suspended for a year due to disobeying the curfew national team. Azman was found to be telling the truth, while the other five, after interrogation, confessed to meet some people in the disco. Only after being interrogated at length, he confessed. However, on August 15, 1995, after an appeal to the Appeal Board FAM by Dato 'Aini Taib (NSW manager at the time), the committee reduced the suspension to six months Azman. On October 2, 1995, the appeal Dato 'Aini that period is further reduced, dismissed. 

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5.2.3. Against the Red Devils.

Azman also missed the chance to join Team selection Selangor against Manchester United (MU) twice, at the Shah Alam Stadium on July 31 and August 2, 1995. During the two match, Selangor lost 1-4 and 0-2 . Best scored the only goal Maharashtra invites foreign players, Scott Ollerenshaw in the first game (July 31, 1995), who beat goalkeeper legend MU, Denmark's Peter Schmeichel in the 79th. The competition is to grab ' Glamoir Invitational Cup . For the first match (July 31), the organizer of tickets priced at RM20, which is considered expensive than regular price tickets when the Premier League Malaysia (RM6 to RM10). However, tickets for the second leg (on August 2) reduced the price to RM10 only. Both matches are less well-received as well as the ticket prices are quite expensive, big names such as Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs and Andy Cole did not join MU visit to Malaysia. Regardless, talented players like Peter Schmeichel, Roy Keane, Denis Irwin and Steve Irwin go into action and enliven the game.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ 'Fergie fledging.
A few months after that game, the young protege Alex Ferguson seems so foreign in the eyes of knowledge and Malaysia, shocked the Premier League, after winning the league title and a record, winning three titles in the season 1998/99. MU has won the FA Cup, Champions League and Domestic Cup Champions League Europe (after defeating Bayern Munich in the final). They are Gary Neville, Phill Neville, Paul Scholes, David Beckham and Nicky Butt. Young players from the youth team MU is known as' Fergie fledging .
__________ ___________________________________________

' Fergie fledging ' is brought in by Ferguson to the starting line-MU, after winning the league 1994/95 fall into the hands of Blackburn, anchored by striker Alan Shearer. They included after the MU icon of France, ' King 'Eric Cantona, suspended by the incident kung-fu style tackle on a Crystal Palace supporter Matthew Simmons.

On May 9, 2011, Matthew being kicked and punched by Cantona over 15 years ago, has been fined and sentenced to prison after attacking Stuart Cooper, a former manager of the football team of his son). The young players Ferguson and image lift MU, thus refuting sports commentator, Alan Hansen, stating that ' you could not win anything with kids '.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ The 'Manchester United Asia Tour' in 1995:
i. Date: July 31, 1995 (Shah Alam Stadium):
Attendance: 51, 286 people.
Manchester United - 4 ( Steve Bruce 48, 55 Nicky Butt, Gary Pallister 64, Lee Sharpe 76 )
Options Punjab - 1 ( Scott Ollerenshaw 79 )

Selangor Barisan Player Options:
23. V. Murugan, 2. Alan Davidson, 4. Mehmet Durakovic, 5. K.Gunalan, 6. P.Maniam, 16. Ismail Ibrahim, 7. Shahril Arsat, 8. Josip Biskic, 12. K.Sanbagamaran, 10 . David Mitchell, 20. Scott Ollerenshaw (3. Abu Talib Sulaiman, 9. Rusdi added, 18. V. Yogeswaran).

Manchester United's lineup:
1. Peter Schmeichel, 2. Paul Parker, 3. Denis Irwin, 4. Steve Bruce, 20. Gary Neville, 6. Gary Pallister, 22. Paul Scholes, 19. Nicky Butt, 9. Brian McClair, 16. Roy Keane, 5. Lee Sharpe, 24. David Beckham (Paul Scholes), 23. Phil Neville (Paul Parker).

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

ii. Date: August 2, 1995 (Shah Alam Stadium):
Attendance: 22, 612 people.
Manchester United - 2 ( Steve Bruce 18, Paul Scholes 29 )
Options Selangor - 0

Selangor Barisan Player Options:
23. V. Murugan, 2. Alan Davidson, 4. Mehmet Durakovic, 5. K.Gunalan, 6. P.Maniam, 16. Ismail Ibrahim, 7. Shahril Arsat, 8. Josip Biskic, 12. K.Sanbagamaran, 10 . David Mitchell, 20. Scott Ollerenshaw, Jan. Janostak (3. Abu Talib Sulaiman, 9. Rusdi added, 18. V. Yogeswaran).

Manchester United's lineup:
1. Peter Schmeichel, 2. Paul Parker, 3. Denis Irwin, 4. Steve Bruce, 23. Phil Neville, 6. Gary Pallister, 22. Paul Scholes, 19. Nicky Butt, 9. Brian McClair, 16. Roy Keane, 29. Ben Thornley, 25. Kevin Pilkington, 27. Terry Cooke (Paul Scholes), 20. Gary Neville (Paul Parker), 24. David Beckham (Brian McClair).

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

In 1996 , Azman back from suspension for Disco Boy case '6 ', and to help Selangor won the Malaysia Cup after menewakan Sabah. The final match of the last full competition, since Sabah also comprised of great players like Khairul Azman Mohamed, Scott Ollerenshaw, Harun Laban and Jelius Ating. The year 1996 saw the grief-stricken after Storm Greg hit Sabah and claimed many lives. Thus, during the final of the Punjab-Sabah, the players and fans at the Shah Alam Stadium meditate and recite Al-Fatihah as a sign of sympathy for the tragedy. Sabah Selangor beat on penalties, in which Abu Talib Solomon successfully completed the last kick, allowing the Red Giants squad won the Malaysia Cup for the umpteenth time. NSW won, 5-4. During the year, the Selangor squad won the Malaysia Cup and Charity Shield.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

In 1997 , Squad The Red Giants won the Malaysia Cup, Gold Cup Kings, FA Cup and Charity Shield. During the determination of the sudden death 'in the Malaysia Cup final action of 1997, Chris Kiwomya scored a minute after extra-time whistle sounded, sending yields Aizal Lamin. For the record, Azman just scored the final point involves Selangor, only in the FA Cup in 1997, when the stadium against Penang Ipoh, Perak. The year also saw Christoper Mandla Zwane (players called Black Maradona and played for FC Porto) and Tony Cottee (never represent England, West Ham and Leceister City) played for Maharashtra.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

The year 1998 saw a drastic drop in performance Maharashtra. The season started with the controversy that erupted between Azman and the Football Association of Negeri Sembilan. Azman said to have expressed their willingness to join the team Hoben Jang Hoben. However, after the news appeared in the mass media, finally a news conference organized by the management of the new Maharashtra, led by its manager, Dato 'Mokhtar Ahmad replaces Dato' Aini Taib. During the press conference, Azman, who then began beard, looks very subdued and somber. Azman eternal announcement in Maharashtra team for 1998 made. Selangor towering several trophies in the season of 1997, initiated the discordant when they lost 1-3 to Sarawak. Selangor consolation goal scored by Azman Adnan. While Maharashtra lined by star players such as Zainal Abidin Hassan, Alexander Freeman, Hopkins, Abdul Hadi Tahir and Shahril Arsat, Selangor failed to repeat the glorious era of 1995-1997. Finally, Azman surprise when participating in Penang in 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Haria Haria Penang: Penang
In the year 1999 , Azman out of Selangor and Penang to play with teams. With Squad 'Cheetah', Azman has won the Premier League Golden Boot 1 Malaysia in 1999 when he scored 13 goals for the team Penang.

While in Penang , Azman also honored: his term as captain of the team. Season 1999 also saw Azman was red-carded for the first time, while representing Andhra Pradesh. Furthermore, Azman become one Premier League's top scorer with 13 goals, while strikers' kembar'nya in Selangor and the national team, Rusdi added, the Premier League's top scorer 2 (also with 13 goals).

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Hoben Jang Hoben: Negeri Sembilan.
Azman also have competed against Queensland in 2000-2001. squad comprises, among others, by Azmi Mohamed, Khairul Anuar Baharom, Leong Hong Seng, Shukor Adan, Khairun Khaled Masrom, Efendi Malek, Wong Sai Kong and Chow Chee Weng.

While the team was originally not set a target, saying that the season is the season of young players matured, Azman and his colleagues have made ​​it into the Malaysia Cup final in 2000 . however, they lost to a team Silver, 0-2 at the Shah Alam Stadium. Malaysia Cup 2000 is the 74th edition of the Malaysia Cup. The tournament begins on August 22, 2000. Azman scored during Queensland beat New South Wales (4-0 and then 3-1) and Silver (3-0). The stellar performance of the 2000 season saw Azman, Khairol Anuar Baharom, Hamsani Ahmad and Malek Effendi rewarded RM20, 000 each from the Football Association of Negeri Sembilan (PBNS). Even though, in 2001 saw the NSW team only managed to qualify for the Malaysia Cup quarter-finals.

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Back with The Red Giants (Maharashtra).
In the year 2002, representing Selangor Azman back later won the Malaysia Cup for the team for the 31st time. The winning goal in the dramatic final scored by Amri Yahya, young players who later became a highly influential player Selangor Selangor squad for today. Amri scored after a beautiful movement Jaafar Salleh dikuis imports, Mass Sarr Jr.. and bounce to Amri.

In late 2002 , Azman has helped NSW to win the Malaysia Cup and Charity Shield. This is the Malaysia Cup final hailed by Azman Adnan.

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Pada musim 2003, Azman berhijrah ke Negeri Sembilan, di mana beliau bersama Khalid Jamlus dan bintang MPPJ FC dari Argentina, Juan Manuel Arostegui muncul selaku penjaring utama ketika pusingan awal liga perdana. Pada tahun tersebut juga menyaksikan kemunculan penyerang muda Kuala Lumpur, Safee Sali yang baru berusia 19 tahun, yang turut mencatat nama selaku antara penjaring terbanyak liga.
Azman bergandingan dengan Effendi Malik dan Suharmin Yusof, tetapi gagal menyerlah ketika kempen Piala Malaysia Cup 2003, yang dikuasai MPPJ FC. Namun, Azman berjaya menjulang Piala FA 2003 bersama Negeri Sembilan, di bawah kendalian K. Devan.
Pemain import Brazil, Everson Martinelli yang juga seorang pemain futsal yang unggul, menjaringkan gol emas pada minit ke-95, untuk menjadi juara, menewaskan Perlis.
Selain Azman, pemain skuad Hobin Jang Hobin ialah: B. Rajinikandh, Norhafiz Zamani Misbah, Azlisham Ibrahim, Effendi Malek, Syaiful Sabtu, Mohd. Aiman ​​Wong, Luciano Osmar Gonzales dan K. Rajan. Pemain Singa Utara pula antara lain seperti:  Amran Omar, Mohd Khairunnisam Shahabuddin, Tengku Hazman Raja Hassan, Anuar Jusoh, Phillemon Chipeta, Lamin (Conteh Jr.) dan Rosle Md. Derus, dan dibimbing oleh Norizan Bakar (Cikgu Jan). Piala disampaikan oleh Raja Muda Perak ketika itu, Raja Nazrin Shah. 


Azman menyarung jersi Merah-Kuning buat kali terakhir pada musim 2004 sebelum menggantung but. Selangor pada tahun tersebut membariskan ramai pemain veteran dan adunan pemain muda seperti: Azlisham Ibrahim, Fairuz Montana Zainal Abidin, Azrul Amri Borhan, dan Reza Mokhtar.
Meskipun 2004 merupakan musim suram Selangor, pemain import Argentina, Brian Fuentes, muncul selaku bintang yang digeruni dan disayangi peminat Selangor, dan turut dikerumuni peminat pasukan lawan setiap kali selepas perlawanan tamat.


Era Dato’ Aini Taib, Ken Worden, dan 
Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd ​​Taib.
Ketika pertengahan tahun-tahun 90an, Dato’ Aini Taib telah diberikan mandate selaku Pengurus Selangor, iaitu sekitar 1993. Beliau kemudiannya melakukan transformasi besar kepada skuad Merah-Kuning, dengan membawa masuk bintang tempatan dan import, selain menyerapkan anak jati Selangor ke dalam skuad utama, menerusi program pembangunan yang berkesan.


Ketika dekad itu, Selangor dibarisi oleh deretan bintang tempatan seperti: Azman Adnan sendiri, Anuar Abu Bakar, Shahrin Majid Ismail Ibrahim, Asroff Hanafiah, Yap Kam Choon, V. Murugan, Abdul Hadi Tahir, P. Maniam, K. Sanbagamaran, Paul Raj, Mubin Mokhtar dan K. Gunalan. Juga bintang-bintang import seperti: Tony Cottee, Christopher Kiwomya, Christopher Mandla Zwane, Mustaca Christian, David Mitchell, Josip Biskic, John Hopkins, dan Mehmet Durakovic. Anak jati Selangor juga beraksi ketika era gemilang ‘treble’ iaitu Asmawi Bakiri, Shahril Arsat, Rusdi Suparman dan Azlisham Ibrahim.


Dekad 90an: Era gemilang skuad 
Selangor FA.
Ken Worden dikenali sebagai jurulatih yang tegas dan pemberi motivasi yang baik. Beliau kerap menggunakan formasi 5-3-2. Beliau gemar menggabungkan Azman, Anuar Abu Bakar dan Alistair Edwards, sehingga digelar ‘3A’, di samping ‘super sub’ Rusdi Suparman yang pantas dan disenangi ramai peminat. Worden, yang pernah membimbing Azman ketika bersama Selangor dan Malaysia, merupakan satu-satunya pengendali yang memenangi Piala Malaysia sebanyak 3 kali iaitu pada 1995, 1996 dan 2002.
Gandingan pengurusan popular Dato’ Aini Taib bersama Worden (kemudiannya Steve Wicks) dan Kerajaan Selangor (yang dipimpin oleh Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib), selain pihak istana sendiri yang amat meminati bola sepak, berjaya membuahkan hasil kejayaan yang lumayan. Kejayaan ‘treble’ 1995, 1996 dan 1997 membuatkan Stadium Shah Alam sering dipenuhi peminat pelbagai latar belakang, menjadikan suasana tersebut cukup sukar untuk diulangi lagi.



Azman Adnan merupakan satu nama besar dalam bola sepak Selangor dan Malaysia, khususnya ketika dekad 90an. Meskipun pernah diselubungi beberapa kontroversi, beliau akan terus dikenang sebagai penyerang sensasi negara, dengan kemahiran dan kelicikan di atas padang yang sukar dicari ganti. Tahun 2014 menyaksikan beliau kembali ke dalam kancah bola sepak tempatan - kali ini sebagai pengendali PDRM FA. Terima kasih Azman, atas segala jasa dan sumbangan. Kobar semangat zaman. Man Turn, Man score. Padu!

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  1. Bila jelmaan akan muncul. Anyway thanks AZMAN

  2. Ya, mungkin saja satu hari nanti, muncul juga, in sya ALLAH.

    Supermokh hadir sewaktu peminat bola sepak tempatan menanti pengganti Raja Bola Ghani Minhat. Kemudian, ‘lahir’ James Wong dan Hasan Sani, sebelum Zainal Abidin Hassan dan Dollah Salleh, bangkit.

    Era 90an menyaksikan ramai pemain berbakat hebat, tetapi tidak bernasib baik seperti:

    i) Matlan Marjan, Karim Pin dan Azizol Abu Hanifah (skandal rasuah); dan

    ii) Allahyarham Shahdan Zahari, Akhmal Rizal dan Azrul Amri Borhan (kemalangan jalan raya dan kecederaan serius).

    Justeru, kelahiran generasi selepas Azman seperti Super Safee, Ashaari Shamsuddin, Hadi Yahya dan Nor Shahrul Idlan Talaha, diharap dapat mengembalikan maruah gemilang bola sepak negara.

    Sama-samalah kita doa dan nantikan. In sya ALLAH. :)

  3. menanti kemunculan azman adnan yang baru~!!

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      Bersamalah kita hargai jasa dan pengorbanan ahli sukan negara. Padu!

  5. Tahniah kepada tuan punya blog kerana memberikan maklumat yg penuh informasi dan bersejarah berkaitan sukan bola sepak Malaysia.

    1. Terima kasih, kerana sudi melawat blog yang sederhana ini. Semoga kegemilangan lalu, menjadi pemangkin kecemerlangan masa depan. Hidup liga kita. Julang semangat zaman. :)

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    1. Salam. Terima kasih kembali, kerana sudi baca blog yang sederhana ini.

      Saya ada tulis beberapa entri berkenaan pemain import Selangor FA era 90an, seperti Mehmet Durakovic, David Mitchell, Niall Quinn, Christopher "The Black Maradona" Zwane Mandla dan Josip Biskic.

      * Saudari boleh taip nama pemain Selangor era 90an pada kotak carian di sebelah kanan bahagian atas blog ini, kemudian klik 'enter'. :)


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